Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

I just received the latest newsletter from Google AdWords. The first two items are, in my opinion, pretty significant. Here is the latest newsletter content:

Free Transaction Processing for Google Checkout until 2008
Google Checkout is now free for merchants until 2008. That means all of your Google Checkout transactions for the next 11 months will be processed at no cost. Google Checkout is an alternative checkout process that works alongside your website’s existing checkout process, letting customers use a single name and password to buy from you quickly and securely. A safe and fast environment is a happy environment for buyers. And when they buy, you’ll process their orders for free.
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Advertise on Google Earth
If you’ve created Local Business Ads in your AdWords accounts, they’ll now appear on Google Earth in addition to Google Maps. Advertising a hotel in Lake Louise? A neighborhood cafe in Paris? Google Earth users across the globe can zoom in on your business. Don’t forget to add a customized icon to make your ad stand out.
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Ads Diagnostic Tool Icon
“Why can’t I see my ad?” It’s a common question of every advertiser. Now you’ll get quick answers from the Ads Diagnostic Tool without having to leave the ad group page. If you think one keyword is making your ad under-perform, point your cursor at the magnifying glass next to that keyword for an instant diagnosis. This integrated tool helps you see right away why a keyword isn’t triggering your ad, and gives you tips to address the issue.
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AdWords Quick Help ‘Bubbles Up’
We’ve got a new way to give you more details about your account: quick-help links that we call ‘bubbles.’ A bubble is a new icon — a question mark in a circle — that you mouse over to open a pop-up summary window with a product definition, overview, images, or links to relevant FAQs. (These icons replace the old text-based [?] links which used to be sprinkled across your account.) The result? Bubbles give you better, faster access to in-depth information on your account.

At Agency Fusion we use AdWords quite a bit so we’re always watching to see what new features they’ll announce. The previous AdWords newsletter can be seen here.

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